I'm Kelly. 

I don't want this site to be limited to one theme or genre. What I do want, is this to be a reflection and an artistic expression of me. No restrictions. No specific title. Lots of fashion, lots of music, lots of beauty, lots of whatever feel like. Lots of my spiritual journey. And the importance of vibrating at a higher consciousness. Lots of past/current writings. Lots of my new projects and endeavors. Whatever inspires me, I'll write about. And maybe it will inspire you too.

With that said, I am me. And you are you. 

I am red and you are blue.

But I'm blue too. I just want our colors to align.

Stay awhile...

know me here, be with me here

in this space that

 we create. 


One more thing. 

My hand says I'm a writer, but my heart knows I'm a poet.


Photo By  Alex McDonell

Photo By Alex McDonell