Flannels & Other Unusual Obsessions

Found this jem of a vintage flannel at Unhinged SLC last week. Probably haven't taken it off since. That's when you really know you love something. That's how I get though, with everything. I become seriously obsessed  with one item, thing, or idea and wont let it free of my grip for a week. Sometimes though, it can last too long... Like 5 years ago I bought this black puffer vest and I'm not kidding people, wore it every single day for 3 months. It was a strange phase... known as "The Vest." Luckily and tragically, it got mysteriously "lost" in Sun Valley one Thanksgiving and I've mourned ever since. A famous phrase in my family "I WANT MY KITTY SHIRT!" -Me at age 4. I had to wear that kitty shirt everyday, or else. I'm scared to see what my children will want to wear... 

Furthermore, I've been in the studio this week. And it feels so good. It's a feeling I can't describe creating something into a great production that just started as an idea. A joke even. I wrote "rap song" a few months ago (I have a not so secret love for hip-hop) which isn't my regular vibe, but I felt inspired to do so. Made the beat. Wrote a rap. Half joking the entire time until at one point we were all like wait... this is sick. As I was showing Stetson (or Bucket as we call him) one of my producers, a few tracks I've been working on, I didn't even think to show him the rap dingle. I didn't think he'd like it. I did last minute and the rest was history. We pretty much finished it in 2 days. I feel like I finally gave birth to that song! I'm so excited to share with you guys. I should have a release date soon. Also, DON'T forget to check out my "Music" tab above! A little more back ground of me musically, and songs that I'm loving currently. Peep it. 



tan flan.jpg
tan flan 2.jpg
Beanie: Coal   Flannel: Unhinged  Vest: Levi  Pants: Joe's Jeans  Booties: Vintage

Beanie: Coal 

Flannel: Unhinged

Vest: Levi

Pants: Joe's Jeans

Booties: Vintage