Good day sweet ones!  I hope you're all feeling energized and excited for the freakin weekend. I know I am! I have been working like a mad woman this week so I can get everything done before I leave for Scottsdale tomorrow morning! My angel of a mother invited me on a little girls trip. And let me tell you, I AM IN DEEP NEED OF SUN THERAPY. Like wow. This inversion and cold here in SLC... I mean, I can only take so much. I'm quite lucky because I'll get some serious moon therapy today too, and tomorrow be able to bask my life away in the sweet sweet sunshine. Today is a New Moon, the second of the month! Making it a black and super moon. Black being, you wont be able to see it (except possibly during the day) and super meaning it will be so close! This is the beginning of the New Earth and a transformation is taking place. If you will notice,  the planets are aligned, and with each major astronomical event in this coming year, it will be on a great scale and will bring vast amounts of positive and supportive energy.  I've been going through the process of figuring out what I feel inspired to write about on here. Fashion is a no brainer, thats the basis of everything without even being said! But there is more to me than that. My spiritual journey has been very real and significant to me and I've watched my life change for the better. I feel as if I tuned into my higher self and I am at awe of the power and connectedness of the universe and all the magic and blessings it has for us. And I want to share with you as I'm learning. Growing up I always felt like I was different and I couldn't explain or figure out why certain things happened to me, or why I felt EVERYTHING on such a deep, deep scale at a very young age. I started having paranormal experiences and dreams and I didn't know what was happening and it scared me. So I shut it out as much as I could. But as I have grown and I understand it now.  I am no longer afraid! I have learned through amazing tools how to not take on eveyone's emotions and I now have the ability to recognize if I'm feeling my own or someone elses. Life changing. Our spirit does not like carrying others emotions but our own and it can become very overwhelming for our systems. I feel like I have cracked the code to empathy and I can now love that about myself and see it as a gift rather than a curse. I just had to learn how to work it. All I want to do is create. Create music, art, beauty and love. I can't even express the excitement I have to share my new music with you! It's been a long time coming and I'm ready to give birth to it and have my music be my driving force again. So with all that being said, I feel inspired to write a little bit more about what I believe is happening on this cute planet that we reside on called Earth. I wasn't exaggerating in my last post when I said you are here now for your capability to evolve. If we believe in evolution, why would we believe that it would just stop? Oh we are done now- we stand up straight and act slightly less like animals, so we must be done. Nope. The next step of this evolution is not physical. (Although, I do believe as we cleanse and heal our lives, that includes what we put into our bodies, a physical change will take place. ) This next step is spiritual. Consciousness. Our vibration is changing. Slowly but surely  we are all coming upon the same wavelength. On this wavelength there is only love. I want to share with you "The 100th Monkey Experiment."  In the 70's they put  100 monkeys on an island to observe and study. One of these monkeys started washing its food in water before he ate it. Eventually more and more monkeys started washing their food. After the 100th monkey washed it's food, monkeys on surrounding islands started washing their food too! Insane right? It's a phenomenon. Mass consciousness. More and more of us are "waking up" and starting a chain reaction. This is not new information, we are not learning new ideas, we are merely remembering this ancient knowledge. We are originating to our roots of authentic love and joy. We simply exist on this planet, we do not own it. We are co-creating this new existence with The Creator. Whatever you believe that to be. There is no right or wrong. I do not ask you to believe what I believe, only to be open minded to it. Do not believe anything unless it truly, deeply resonates with your soul. With everything you encounter. What we believe individually is good and perfect for that person at that time. Let your mind and spirit grow and expand! I believe it's all the same trip. We just take different vehicles to get there. No vehicle is correct. We all share this worldly experience just through different realities. Everything is connected. We are all connected. I wish you all a happy New Moon! Do something fun and wild. Dance & keep   d r e a m i n g. 



Oh and here's a weekend jam for you babes. 


HAT: Brixton  PONCHO: Love Stitch via JMR  Denim: G-STAR   

HAT: Brixton

PONCHO: Love Stitch via JMR

Denim: G-STAR