My music video for BANG BANG has dropped! I had the experience of a lifetime filming this. The energy there was unbeatable. I feel so fortunate to work with such amazing talented people! Boaz Le Bleu is the mastermind behind the camera. He is truly innovative and had exactly the eye that I was looking for. He completely brought my vision to LIFE. You can check out his other videos here. I cant wait to work with him again on my next video.

Where is that amazing location you ask?? It's at BODEGA SLC aka THE REST. Only thee chicest place in Salt Lake City. What an amazing person Sara Lund is to so generously let us film there. Her and Scott are GENIUS and I'm so excited about the vibe they are bringing to SLC. Go check out the new remodel upstairs too! You can learn more here.

Another huge thanks to Amy Taggart for bringing so much amazing clothing and other goodies from Unhinged SLC. She is such a gem, with the sweetest spirit and I was beyond happy to have her and her eyes there to make sure every shot was on point. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And of course so much love and thanks to my incredible (and hot) friends who were willing to come be extras. I am so damn lucky to have such supportive, loving people on my team. Last but not least my loving husband, who helped double as a director. I feel so elated that this all came together so smoothly and beautifully. It's amazing how if you go forth confidently in the direction of your dreams, I believe things will be pulled into your path. I feel as though I manifested these gracious souls into my path at this time, and I hope they feel the love and gratitude I send back to them. XO


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