Black, white, nude, grey, denim, leather..... REPEAT. It's all you need really. Basics are too good. PLUS this was my first open toe of the season... it's only February... SO SUE ME. It was sunny okay? I've had an interesting past couple of days. A lot of observing and watching. Do you guys ever have a growth period where you feel like you are just watching your life happen? I am in one of those spaces... It's not a bad place of be, I just think I need to be more grounded, and then "watch" it pass. Oh. I just realized its been  a full moon! No shit. That is definitely why I feel strange. I have become so sensitive to planetary adjustments. We all are! Even if we don't realize it in the moment, usually we look back and see the writing on the wall. I have had the intention of spilling my heart and soul into a blog post and really express what I feel is going on in the world but my brain is BLAH right now. I will say though, that I came to the realization today that 2015 is the year integration. That word has been all up in my space the past couple of days. I have been really meditating on it and it makes so much sense. Integration is adding slices to find the whole. I feel 2014 was all about the unfolding of truth. Figuring out who we are, what we care about, what no longer serves us, creating our reality and owning the power we have to manifest our dreams. 2015 is about bringing together these truths and realizations and integrating them into the greater whole of our lives. It's time to wake up and remember WHO YOU ARE. You have all the knowledge and wisdom inside of you, you just have to look INSIDE and REMEMBER. Focus on INTEGRATING your HEAD and your HEART and you will know all things. That is the future. Living in the sacred space of our heart. Training our mind, ego and intellect to become ONE with our heart. No more separation. Becoming WHOLE.

I realized something else. I heard yesterday "The answer is no until you ask." If you want something ASK! Do something about it. Live with intention. I have always wanted to go to Yoga Teacher Training, and I would love to go somewhere like Bali. I always day dream about it, but I never take ACTION. And I heard that saying yesterday and I thought I must ASK the universe to help provide away! I need to do my part and take the necessary steps to get my plan into motion. I need to do research, save and find my spot! And I'm doing it. I could not be more excited. It's something that is really important to me. I have always had a strange dream of traveling to a far away place all by myself and just having a love affair with myself. Magic, right? Things to remember:

Dress well. Eat well. Travel often. Love yourself. Integrate your head and your heart. Be kind. Listen to good music. Surround yourself with positive people. Snuggle animals. Manifest your dreams.