Happy Wednesday! Today my obsession with all white continues. With a twist. An orange twist. I'm pretty much a creamsicle. In the best way. I found this ASTR orange leather tank on sale at Nordstrom and I couldn't not snag it. I put my own holes in these Hudson white skinnies and the shoes are Jeffrey Campbell (I actually wore these on my WEDDING). Bracelets are BCP Jewelry- you can shop here. All photos by the incredible Emmy Lowe. You can also shop my look or similar below:)

I hope you all are feeling the waves of inspiration as we transition into spring. As the leaves turn back to green and the sun shines just a little bit brighter, Spring is the perfect time for the cleansing you've been dreaming of. Give yourself a view of the fresh blooms, open up the windows in your house and let the new fresh air in. My first and foremost spring cleaning duty will be cleaning and organizing my closet. Guys. I dread doing this. Clothes are my strength and my downfall. I have a problem? I'm a clothing collector and for that to be socially acceptable I NEED TO CLEAN OUT MY CLOSET TO MAKE MORE ROOM. I need help. Someone please come bully me  into this. I have this thing where I'm obsessed with vintage, so in the back of my head I'm always like one day this is going to be dope and my daughter is going to be pissed I didn't keep my then trendy clothing items. Anyway... That's on my to do list, along with planting a garden. Nothing too crazy, but some good herbs, zucchini, cucumbers and tomatoes. I am also looking forward to my favorite part of Spring and Summer, FARMERS MARKETS. Brings me way too much joy.