Let me tell you something about myself. I am thee PICKIEST PERSON EVER when it comes to fabrics and the way things feel. As I child I would make my mom change my sheets way too often because the sound and feeling drove me crazy. Winter coats? Don't even get me started! If I love the feeling of something, I will wear the shit out of it. This top from Albion Fit? Has not left my skin for days. I'm obsessed! And these Antigua Extend Leggings fit me like a glove. They feel amazing and you can truly feel the quality. These are great for yoga, high intensity or even just lounging! This Go Long Crew with Thumb-Holes is perfect for layering too. Lets face it, I live in Salt Lake City, as soon as winter rolls around this is all I end up wearing. Layering becomes less of a styling thing and more of a total NECESSITY. The best part? If you order before Sunday and use code "albion10" you will get $10 off your purchase of $100 dollars or more! Let me warn you, it's far too easy to spend that much. Happy Shoppping!

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