This weekend, Dominick, Camila and I went to the Salt Flats to take photos. All I'm gonna say is that we kinda make magic together... Maria Camila is a magic maker! Check out the rest of her stuff here.

I feel so lucky and grateful for the people that I have in my life. The law of attraction is so real. We are all just mirrors to one another. We attract what we are. And I have spent the past 5 years of my life really working on myself and healing. And although it has been painful at times, the outcome is so much greater. It's a life long process. But I can truly say that I love myself and the life that I have created this far. And it hasn't always been butterflies and rainbows. Of course struggle is real, and things happen. But when I made the switch- making the decision to live a happy, joyful life- observe my lows and let them skim by like rocks on  a pond leaving ripples of change... my LIFE changed. Effect how it may. Change is good. Accept change. Doors close so new doors can open. Detach from what you think your life SHOULD be. And let it be. Accept who you are and where you are at and live with intention and love in your heart for every being you meet. Words matter. Speak positively. Not only about others but about YOURSELF. And you will watch your life change. Support your community. It's our generation that is going to change this planet. Let's do this.