Happy FRIDAY! Plus it's Valentines Day weekend! Here is another basics look that I can't resist. So easy and all these items are probably already in your closet. White button up, black ripped skinnies and strappy heels. Then wrap a denim jacket around your waist to edge it out and create a different more unique feel. You can shop the look below:) And you may have been noticing a few posts on my instagram with a url. Let me explain! If you go sign up at , everytime you like one of my photos (or any bloggers photos) you will get an email of exactly everything that is being worn in the photo. (or similar!) It's a really great, fun and easy to tool to shop looks immediately!

Anyway, I am so dang excited for the weekend. It's been a long week and I am ready to RELAX with my  baby. Dommy and I got a room tomorrow night at the Hotel Monaco in Downtown SLC (where we got engaged) and we will go eat at Omar's Rawtopia! One of my absolutely favorite joints in Sugarhouse. It's 100% raw,  vegan and delicious. My sister will be watching our pups, but don't get it twisted- I wish they could come with us! I went to Lush yesterday and got some bomb bath goodies. One of the bath bombs has dried flowers that will float in the tub... romantic! Take a second and really use the opportunity to come into your heart and fill yourself with love. Create sensational amounts of love in your life. Why not? NO better time than Valentines. Get cheesy and enjoy yourself. And if you don't have a valentine, BE YOUR OWN. Do something special and romantic with YOURSELF. Sending you all so much love and good vibes this weekend. Happy Valentines! XO


All photos by the AMAZING Kenny Dawn! @kennydawn on insta