Good morning! The weather here in SLC, UT has been wild. Yesterday morning Kenny Dawn (@kennydawn) and I had plans to go shoot and I had thee cutest spring looks ready. I was in Birks and all. Then 9:30am rolls around and BAM. SNOW. We have been having 60 degree weather! What the... So we had quick change of plans and I thought it was the perfect opportunity for a sporty, laid back look with the CUTEST fitted sweats from Wish You Were Northwest. They are such a cool brand promoting all things adventure, wanderlust, coffee, and mountains. Pretty  much everything we love around here. Dress these sweats up or down they are sooooo comfy and the fit is so cute. You can check out the rest of their stuff HERE.

One quick thought I had this morning that I wanted to share. A compassionate mind is never an angry mind. We can recalibrate our brains to having our first reaction be that of compassion- the rest of which will fall into place. Your response will always be from a place of love and understanding. Even that person that cut you off last night when you were already running 10 minutes late. Have compassion to even those who criticize you. Every being is vibrating at their own rate and the development of their own consciousness. Have a MIND of compassion. The heart is always compassionate. Most of us let our minds do all the thinking, when really they are just thoughts. If our first thought is to get mad, we naturally create anger. Even if that person in the car who cut you off doesn't know it, you are still sending that energy out into the universe. Lets change that! The thoughts you create do matter. And the first step is just observing them. Don't judge them or get down on yourself if you do find yourself having these thoughts, they are only normal! Just observe them. Put down the beat up stick. Accept yourself and your thoughts. And that is the first step- awareness. Once you become aware of your thoughts and your reactions, you are able to see the bigger picture. And with time and intention you can change those initial thoughts and reactions. If you can train your brain's first reaction to be compassion, truly the rest of the cyle that follows will change. You will not only feel the change in your own sense of being but in the senses of all surrounds you. CHOOSE to live a more joyous life. The universe is more playful than you think;)