Namaste to all you beautiful souls! Yesterday I had the pleasure of teaming up with the most adorable power couple on the planet. Meet the babe Audrey (@audrinoo) and her cute BF/Photographer Zach French (@zachfrenchphotography) . They were so sweet to invite me to their studio to c r e a t e  a few different looks. Their energy was so kind and made me feel so welcome :) Audrey is just the cutest little thing (with the best hair and make up I might add) not to mention MAJOR RING ENVY. You can check out her blog here.  Zach's photography here. MY INSANE jewels are  BCP Jewelery and you can check them out here. I have had so much fun styling her jewelry, each piece is like a work of art and carries so much space within it.

I am literally COUNTING DOWN the days until Dom's Spring Break. We are off to Venice Beach for a week and I could truly not be more excited... It's all I think about and I'm not even kidding. The idea of vacay is giving me LIFE. Woot. Hope you all had some good full moon vibes last night XOXO