I am back!! Back to real life in good ole Utah. The whole way home from California I felt like I had so much clarity. Sometimes when you come home from vacation, stress sets in. Your mind starts racing of all things you need to do, and next thing you know you're an anxiety driven mess. But not this time! It was so refreshing. I was driving through the night, watching the sunrise, as the magic of pink and yellow clouds spilled over into my space. Our planet is so surreal. It will heal you if you ask for it. Miracles happen everyday. Your life is a movie! You are the director and it's funded by Source. Pick your fate don't be a victim of it. Yes I believe some things are destiny but they are our destiny that we made prior plans to fulfill even if we don't remember in this realm. You will remember as you wake up. The time is now. There is never a better time than now. Wake up to who you really are and REMEMBER who you are suppose to be. Why you are here. You are here to change the planet. As our consciousness evolves, our physical bodies evolve. Same with the Earth. We can change the health of our planet with awareness. And we are doing it! I am so beyond grateful for my generation and that I get to experience this physical existence at this time. Life is so wonderful. People are so wonderful. I really got to experience that first hand with the amazing people that let us stay at their homes the later part of our trip. After Dom and I had a romantic 4 days at a beach house on Venice Beach, our bestie Camila came and joined us and one of my all time favorite humans, Jen, opened her home to us and showed us the best time. She took us to the Grammy Museum, dinner at PUMP in West Hollywood ( we sat literally 2 feet away from Lisa Vanderpump ) Laguna Beach and then Newport. She is insanely generous, gorgeous, kind and has a special magnetic energy that makes you feel so special. So understood. We love you JEN! After we headed San Clemente to go visit our other bestie, Rory, who is the best kind of mix of rockstar and softie. Even though he would never admit it! We have known Rory literally for like 7 years. Last week he quit his job in Utah and took off to California to start a new life. I ADMIRE THAT SO MUCH! I want to do that. I am so in love with California and we are really putting it out in the Universe that Dom will get into a Med School somewhere out there. Rory's sister Weslie and her husband Bronson ( probably the coolest best looking couple of all time ) offered to let us stay at their place on the fly which we were so not expecting. We spent the day at Trestles Beach with them while Dom and Bronson surfed (I guess its one of the best places to surf in California, and they are a five minute walk away!)  It ended up being truly a magical night. It was the night of spring equinox, lunar eclipse AND supermoon. The cosmic energy did not disappoint! I felt like I had chills and was floating the whole night. We were vibing so hard, broke in the new grill, and laughed our bums off the cutest little girls and baby  boy of theirs. Zuri and I had a major bond. I'm slightly obsessed with her and need a daughter asap. That Remi too! She is more mysterious but you can tell she feels EVERYTHING. Zuri even gave me the other half of a best friend necklace and my heart just about fell into my lap right then and there. Good humans DO EXIST! I am so grateful for the people we were able to connect with on this trip. I feel so much love in my heart! To top it off, our last day- the four us Rory, Cami, Dom and I- went to breakfast and basked on the beach to the best music, the best sunshine, and we laughed. A lot. Next we said our goodbyes and headed back to LA for our finale, the last hoorah, Andhim at Minimal Effort. First we grabbed dinner with another bestie, Eddie, at Kreation Cafe ( a staple on our trip! So insanely good) It's always so amazing catching up with him, we just looove him to pieces!  Then off to the show. Truly, it was the sickest show. It was at Park Plaza Hotel downtown. Dom ended up being so pooped from the week he left early to go nap in the car ( he had school the next day! ) So Cami and I were left to finish off our trip right. And we did. We were partners in crime, and a pink bar of energy and love connected us the whole night. It was magic. TELEPATIA. We danced our asses off to thee best music, the best sound, and the best people! Everyone was so respectful, and not to mention looked DOPE. I appreciate esthetic way too much. Haha. It all felt like a movie. And it was our movie, we created it. And it could not have been more perfect.


All photos by Maria Camila

Our Beach house in Venice  Photos by my babe @domdomk

Our Beach house in Venice

Photos by my babe @domdomk