While we were in California, it just so happened that Emmy Lowe was there at the same time! So of course we had shoot!  We met up in Manhattan Beach and it was so much fun. She was with Haley Nord and Rachel Osguthorpe (some of the best humans) and we grabbed lunch/breakfast in Manhattan Beach afterwards. What a day. This "suit" (I don't know if it could even be considered a suit, because I just put these two separate pieces together and they weren't sold as a suit, but I thought it made for a perfect one) All from Urban Outfitters last Summer. So unfortunately probably sold out.. 

As I've been adjusting to being home again, it has taken me a few days to get back in the groove of things. Aka all I want to do is cuddle my pugs and watch house of cards. Just saying!


Hope you all are enjoying your Thursday :)