Happy Earth Day! What a good day. A day that does not get enough credit. Take second and think about the perfection of our planet. We are precisely and  miraculously placed in this giant galaxy, to get the perfect amount of sun, the perfect amount of gravity, and the perfect amount of oxygen all while spinning. WHAT? Like how did it that even happen? It is the most spectacular art form. It hosts creation and all life. Where plants, animals and humans alike can live harmoniously in a beautiful environment. How fortunate we are. And how much we take for granted. I saw a documentary called "Fall & Winter" (slightly depressing, but really turns out positive in the end) they claimed that the Earth would run out of good agricultural soil in 30 years. 30 YEARS PEOPLE. That is not a lot of time. It's time we started taking care of out planet. I know it's easy to feel like "I'm just one person, what I do wont make difference." But here's the thing- YOU DO. Think about the people that surround you and how they will take notice. It will get their wheels turning. Next thing you know they'll feel inspired and BAM. They buy a double duty trash/recycle combo on sale at HomeGoods for $34.99. What a steal! Then their sister in law takes notice at Sunday Brunch and she goes and gets the same deal! Do you see what I'm saying?! It starts with one person.  You can be the difference. I feel so grateful that my generation is so rad. We truly care. It's become cool to care. And I love every second of it. Embrace the trendy-ness of it all. Organic foods and lifestyle. Supporting these things creates a demand and more organic farms will start popping up. Most important. Enjoy today. Soak up the sun. Put your bare feet on the ground.

Here's an outfit post featuring the best Windsor button up. I am wearing blue and white EVERYTHING right now so get used to it.  XO