Deep down (maybe not that far deep) I am just a bohemian sun baby who  wants to lay in a bed of flowers, drink tea all day and listen to rock n roll, while making out pictures in the clouds  philosophizing about life. I am what you would say, free spirit/ artist type, so it has been an interesting road of discovery growing up, getting married, and adjusting to a normal, adult big girl schedule. Aka going to bed early/waking up early.  (Which I have grown to love btw.) I have fallen in love with the beauty of routine and balance. But old me? Before all of this, I was wild and free setting the world on fire one day at a time. I didn't play by anyone's rules, especially my own. :) Growing up is a strange thing. Because you feel like that part of yourself is still within you, yet metamorphosed into something better. And healthier. And happier. Most importantly, wiser. It's like you ascended into the next version of yourself. Like a rocket ship, the fire is lit, you take off and you release and let go of the extra baggage that withholds you from truly soaring. Locked and loaded, I hope and plan to keep doing this my whole life. Adjusting to whatever life throws at me. Recycling baggage that no longer serves me, letting go of it, learn what I need to learn from it, and then creating beauty from it so I can soar into the next chapter. The next version of myself. I go through periods of time where I remember who I use to be, and I think about that person a lot and how in a way I kind of miss her. I thought she was pretty damn funny. Witty, and always had something to say. An opinion about everything, where now I listen more. I've become the observer.  But she is still with me, and a part of me. I kid you not people I use to not sleep. Sleep was the enemy. For at the time, when everyone was asleep that is when my spirit really woke up. I would stay up painting and listening to music and truly getting to know myself and who I was. I felt like I didn't get that time through out the day because I was always so busy doing who knows what, going who knows where. Friends with every type of human, from the boy who drew me anime pictures in 3rd period, to the popular girls, to the hippie stoners, to the skateboarders, and then to whom I spent a lot of time with, the artists & musicians. Or as I would describe them now, empaths. They felt things as deep as I did so I felt understood.  And for that I am forever grateful! I  loved and connected with all of these diverse groups of people and each and every one of them resonated with a part of me. Filled my cup in a different way.  (These descriptions obviously don't define these people, but I am trying to create a picture for you) The point is that I am a bohemian at heart. I love an appreciate all kinds of beings and I want to connect and understand them all. I want to love. I think in one of my past lives I was definitely  in the 60's or 70's. My infatuation with these eras started at such a young age. And that includes the fashion. Which I love to channel my inner Edie or Brigitte Bardot. Those are my main gals. So with this I leave you with some retro high waisted pants from my lovely mother in law (Thanks Barb!) and the cutest cream crochet crop top from Lookbook Store. My other favorite thing about this look is this bracelet stack from The Shine Project. What a cool company! Employing inner city youth while making the cutest jewelry. Sign me up.  I love and appreciate all walks of life. I always have and I always will. I don't believe in right and wrong I just believe in being. Get to know yourself. Then fall in love. It is there that your heart will sing and you will find true joy in being. Allow yourself to change and let go of the extra baggage off your rocket. You don't need it!. You were made to soar. XOX