Guys!! Hi. It's been so long. I've missed you. But sometimes life takes over and blogging just needs to temporarily be on hiatus. I leave for BALI in 2 freaking weeks!! It's getting so real. My focus has been on yoga and yoga.  Oh and yoga. It's been life changing. So I truly apologize for all the unanswered emails from amazing companies!! I have been on a temporary break from blogging and collabs trying to prep for my trip. But when I go back mid November I will reply to all of you and I am so excited to collab!!!   


I want to take a second and talk about the INCREDIBLE event that happend at the Trolley Square  Lulu Lemon. Wow! I can not even express how grateful I was to be a part of something like this. First of all, I just want to say how much I love this city. I love SLC!! It is so underrated. I love the sense of community here and how supportive everyone is of small and big business alike. I looooved that a big corporation like Lulu Lemon was featuring a local business like Vive Juicery, (YUM) And local bloggers:) I was able to meet other bloggers and their AMAZING staff at Lulu who made me feel so welcome and so at home in their store. They were featuring Lulu's brand new compression items (that are INSANELY good) and they made sure I was taken care of and knew about each new item before I tried it on. Which I totally appreciated.  I ended up going with the dark gray Zone In Crop pant and they have been perrrrrfect for yoga. They feature their new compression and they hug you in allll the right places. I thought I may get hot with how thick these bad boys are but I actually didn't and they were quite breathable. For my top I chose the What The Sport singlet in navy. This is my favorite tank style from Lulu!! I love how light weight it is, so breathable, and so flattering. I also like that it is fitted, but not skin tight. It looks amazing layered under your favorite hoodie or cropped sweater. For my bra I chose the Free To Be Wild sports bra in the butterfly print. Literally the cutest print!!! I am born on of the day of metamorphosis (side note) so I have an affinity for butterflies. Yes there is the risk that butterflies can be cheesy on clothes- But not here!!! It's is straight class. I am obsessed. The colors are this yummy berry combo that I just can't get enough of. It looks good under every color I swear. AND THE BACK. CAN WE TAKE A SECOND TO SALUTE THE BACK?! I am in love with these straps. The most perfect amount of peek through under shirts. All I can say is that once you turn Lulu, you don't turn back. I use to not understand the hype until I bought my first pair. Then I really undestood. And now it's a full on addiction! But in like a cool healthy way... Haha. I LIVE in their clothes. Don't get me wrong I LOVE to dress up but when I'm at home or running errands after yoga this is what I'm wearing. I can not say thank you enough to the amazing ladies at Lulu and especially Averie for making this whole thing happen!!! I hope that there are more events like these to come!